Outstanding achievements of university teachers:

  • Prof. Romeo, Theodore, Cristina PhD., DVM: 2008 - Romanian Academy Prize "Traian Savulescu" awarded 2010, 2009 - Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry, the "Paul Riegler" award 2010, 2010 - Associate Member-Academy Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu Sisesti" (ASAS), 2010-2014, 2011 - General Association of Veterinarians of Romania (GARV), the "Alexander Locusteanu" for science;

  • Romanian Academy Award for veterinary science books: Prof. Simon Bolte, Prof. Horia Cernescu, Prof. Mihai Decun, Prof. Radu Trif, Prof. Constantin Vior, Prof. Cornel Igna, Prof. Radu Moga Manzat, Prof. Justin Cosoroaba; Prof. Eugeniu Crainiceanu, Lect. Marcel Matiuti;

  • Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences Award for veterinary science books: Prof. Radu Moga Manzat, Prof. Nicolae Catana, Prof Viorel Herman;

  • 10  teachers holders of the Medal and Diploma "For the Advancement of Knowledge in Veterinary Science";

  • 17 patents, six patents for innovations, 16 original methodologies;

  • Laboratory endocrinology and reproduction diagnostic,  for animal nutrition, nutritional and metabolic diseases, for toxicology, pharmacology and clinical biochemistry with modern equipment that meets the highest requirements and that supports research purposes and the farmers needs;

  • Laboratory for Animal Hygiene and environment protection;

  • Laboratory for Food Safety;

  • ResearchCenter for Animal Hygiene and Pathology (CCIP);

  • Anniversary Medal of Ludwig Maximilian University of München of the year 2009 to Prof. Horia Cernescu, Prof. Alexandra Trif, Prof. Gheorghe Dãrãbuº, Prof. Mihai Decun;

  • Anniversary Medal of Faculty of Veterinary Science from Bucharest to: Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Dãrãbuș and Prof. dr. DHC Horia Cernescu;

  • Member of The AmericanAcademy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics - Prof. Romeo Cristina;

  • Institute of Comparative Medicine, Timisoara branch - headed by Prof. Cornel Igna;

  • All teaching and research spaces have been upgraded and has been established the Platform for training and interdisciplinary research named Sustainable Organic Agriculture and Food Safety.

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