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TE-2012-3-0092 Rezultate Etapa II/2015

 Obiective pe anul 2015

 1. Efectele administrãrii probioticelor asupra microflorei intestinale si a sãnãtãții puilor de carne


1.1. Influența nivelului de suplimentare cu probiotice asupra microbiotei intestinale la puii

1.2. Evaluarea efectelor administrãrii probioticelor asupra sistemului imun al puilor de carne

Rezultate livrate pe etapã

Studiu privind stabilirea dozei optime de probiotice asupra microflorei intestinale și a sãnãtãții puilor de carne

Participare la simpozioane și conferințe științifice internaționale cu prezentarea rezultatelor științifice

Lucrari stiințifice

1.     Cean Ada, Stef Lavinia, Julean Calin, Nicolae Corcionivoschi, Drinceanu Dan, Simiz Eliza Dumitrescu Gabi Vasile Aida,  Pet Elena, Effect of Human Isolated Probiotic Bacteria on Preventing Campylobacter jejuni Colonization of Poultry, FOODBORNE PATHOGENS AND DISEASE, 10.1089/fpd.2014.1849, vol. 12(2), Pg. 122-130, ISSN 1535-3141, 2015, factor de impact 1,905.


This study was performed in order to determine whether human isolated probiotic bacteria can be effective in reducing Campylobacter jejuni infection of chicken intestinal cells, in vitro, and in decreasing its colonization abilities within the chicken gut. Our results show that the probiotic strains Lactobacillus paracasei J. R, L. rhamnosus 15b, L. lactis Y, and L. lactis FOa had a significant effect on C. jejuni invasion of chicken primary cells, with the strongest inhibitory effect detected when a combination of four was administered. In regard to the in vivo effect, using all four strains in one combination prevented mucus colonization in the duodenum and cecum. Moreover, the pathogen load in the lumen of these two compartments was significantly reduced. When probiotics were introduced during the early growth period, the presence of the pathogen in feces was increased (p>0.05), but when they were given during the last week of growth, there was no significant effect. In conclusion, our data indicate that these four new probiotic strains are able to cause modifications in the chicken intestinal mucosa and can reduce the ability of C. jejuni to invade, in vitro, and to colonize, in vivo. These probiotics are now proven to be effective even when introduced in broiler's feed 7 days before slaughter, which makes them cost-effective for the producers.



2.     Nicolae Corcionivoschi, Gundogdu Ozan, Moran Lynn, Kelly CarmeL, Scates Pam, Stef Lavinia, Cean Ada, Wren Brendan, Dorrell Nick,  Madden Robert H , Virulence characteristics of hcp+Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli isolates from retail chicken, Gut Pathogens, Pag 11, vol. 7(20), ISSN 1757-4749, 2015,  factor de impact 2,28,


BACKGROUND: Recently the Type VI secretion system (T6SS), which can play a significant role in bacterial survival and pathogenesis, was reported in Campylobacter spp., having the hcp gene as a key component.

METHODS:Campylobacteriosis is associated with the consumption of infected chicken meat. Our study aimed to explore the presence of T6SS in C. jejuni (n = 59) and C. coli (n = 57) isolates, from retail raw chicken and to investigate their pathogenic potential. The hcp gene was used as an indicator for the T6SS presence.

RESULTS:Using multiplex PCR we have identified a significantly higher prevalence of hcp in C. coli isolates (56.1%) than in C. jejuni (28.8%) and AFLP analysis of the isolates showed a high degree of genetic similarity between the isolates carrying the hcp gene. Genome sequencing data showed that 84.3% of the C. coli and 93.7% of the C. jejuni isolates had all 13 T6SS open reading frames. Moreover, the virulence characteristics of hcp + isolates, including motility and the ability to invade human intestinal epithelial cells in vitro, were significantly greater than in the control strain C. jejuni 12502; a human isolate which is hcp positive.

CONCLUSION:Overall, it was discovered that hcp (+) C. coli and C. jejuni isolated from retail chicken isolates posses genetic and phenotypic properties associated with enhanced virulence. However, since human infections with C. coli are significantly less frequent than those of C. jejuni, the relationship between virulence factors and pathogenesis requires further study.

3.     Stef Lavinia, Dumitrescu Gabi, Simiz Eliza, Cean Ada, Julean Calin, Stef Ducu, Pet Elena, Pet Ioan, Gherasim Voichita, Nicolae Corcionivoschi, The Effect of Probiotics on Broiler Growth and Intestinal Morphology when Used to Prevent Campylobacter jejuni Colonization, Scientific Papers: Animal Science and Biotechnologies, vol 48(1), Pg. 43-50, ISSN 1841-9364,
The aim of this work was to establish the effect of probiotic microorganisms on growth performance and intestinal changes caused by Campylobacter jejuni colonization. In this respect, we used four probiotic microorganisms, namely: Lactobacillus paracasei JR, L. rhamnosus 15b, Y L. lactis and L. lactis FOA.The administration of probiotic microorganisms in different combinations and in different periods of growth does not significantly influence the bioproductive indices of broilers, that is, the total gain, feed intake and FCR (p>0.05). After studying the intestinal mucosa, it was concluded that the four microorganisms administered in broiler’s food determines changes in the mucosa, inhibiting the development of Campylobacter jejuni, by the presence of smaller goblet cells and the presence of reduced leukocyte infiltration in the chorion of the mucosal.


4.     Stef Lavinia, Cean Ada, Julean Calin, Simiz eliza, Marcu adela, Pet Ioan, Pacala Nicolae, Stef Ducu, Bencsik Ioan, Corcionivoschi Nicolae, Studies regarding the effect of different methionine supplementation sources of different environmental cultures on the in vitro development of Campylobacter jejuni, Animal Physiology, Ceske Budovitze, vol. 1, nr. 1, ISSN 978 -80-7394-535-0, pag 62

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