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Programul National Tabere studentesti 2018
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2008, Seria I, vol. X(2)

FULL TEXT Volume X (2)


L. SÂMBOTIN, DANA SÂMBOTIN, S. MOISA, V. GAVRILESCU, C. BANU,  A. GÃVRUÞA,   ANA MARIANA DINCU - The evolution of organisational structures in the agricultural production in Romania

I. PETROMAN, CORNELIA PETROMAN, N. PÃCALÃ, S. CHIª, BÃLêEªCU - On the impact of nitrate accumulation in the soil fertilised with slurry from pig farms on plant production


CORNELIA PETROMAN, I. PETROMAN, N. PÃCALÃ, MIHAELA IANCU, DIANA MARIN - Practical results concerning the values of some reproduction indices in grazing sows in the Banat area

CORNELIA PETROMAN, I. PETROMAN, H. SÃRÃNDAN, DIANA MARIN - Management of reproduction on small and medium pig farms

E. MERCE, C. C. MERCE, DIANA DUMITRAª - Concentration of land ownership through plots stock exchange

A.CHIRAN,CORNELIA MURARIU, ELENA GÎNDU, BENEDICTA DROBOTÃ - Marketing researches regarding apples consumption process from autochthon productions in Iaºi county

F. ARION, SIMONA BADIU - Possible tools for improving the perception of rural tourism

MARIOARA ILEA - Role of the value added analysis for substantiation of managerial strategy

MARIOARA ILEA, L. HOLONEC - The analysis of the intermediary administration balance of forestry exploitation

C. C. MERCE - Deriving isoutility curves under the hypothesis of saturation

M. I. PANTEA, V. MUNTEANU,  DELIA GLIGOR - The use of scenarios in the enterprise’s external environment analysis

P. ªTEFEA, M. PANTEA, A.  PELIN - measures and solutions

A. COJOCARIU,  A. MUNTEANU, CRISTINA OFELIA STANCIU - New development perspectives of the decision support systems in agricultural exploitations’ management

GHE. GOJE - Technical progress and economic growth

S. BREZULEANU, CARMEN OLGUÞA BREZULEANU -Studies concerning the improvement of profitableness of agrotourist activity in a firm from a rural village with touristic potential in Neamþ county

S. BREZULEANU - Research regarding optimization of production branches joint in agricultural Iasi county in order to increase their profitableness

BENEDICTA DROBOTÃ, A. CHIRAN, ELENA GÎNDU, A.F. JITÃREANU  - Aspects of zonation and teritorial repartization of cereal crop in Iasi county

ELENA GÎNDU, A. CHIRAN, V. ALISTAR, CORNELIA MURARIU - Technical-economic aspects concerning the vegetable growing in the microzone Lunca Siretului, Bacãu district

CECILIA POP - Study related risks management in vinification field

R. IAGÃRU, POMPILICA IAGÃRU , ANA MARIA IUGA, JENICA CÃLINA, A. CÃLINA  - Defining elements concerning the new common agricultural policy for 2007-2013

R. IAGÃRU, POMPILICA IAGÃRU, A. CÃLINA, JENICA CÃLINA - The management of potato planting material multiplication in the context of quality instruments implementation

A. BÃNEª, MANUELA-DORA ORBOI - Characteristics of it skills in Timis county

A. BÃNEª - Aspects of managing tourism information systems

LUMINITA PIRVULESCU, C. RUJESCU, DESPINA MARIA BORDEAN. CLAUDIA SIRBULESCU, CARMEN DUMITRESCU - Aspects regarding nutritive function and energetical function in alimentary products quality

STELUÞA RADU, CAMELIA VIZIREANU, MIHAELA CONSTANDACHE  - Optimizing the quality of bread products from Iasi county (case study at SC VEL-PITAR SA Iasi)

R. CURETEANU, DELIA NASUI - A business systems management overview

R. CURETEANU, DELIA NASUI - The relationship between environmental and financial performance

ANCA-MONICA BRATA - Alimentary safety in Romania

ANCA MONICA BRATA - Research on identifying some traditions and costums of agro-alimentary consumption in Bihor county

LUMINIÞA ªERBÃNESCU - Business intelligence instruments for sale analysis

LUMINIÞA ªERBÃNESCU, CONSUELA NECªULESCU - Projecting THE informatic subsystem for raw materials and finished products inventory management

D. POPA - Measures and means of wine-growing connection regulation

D. POPA - Strategies of CMO reorganization of vine sector and european wine

MONICA DELIA DOMNICA, ANA-MARIA IUGA - Advantages of implementing an efficient quality system

E. BOGHIÞÃ - Aspects concerning the methods of risk and uncertainty strategic formulation

F. L. ISAC, S. RUSU - Cultural peculiarities of the negotiation style

F. L. ISAC - Peculiarities in the management of the quality in services in tourism

LUMINIÞA ªERBÃNESCU - Designing an informatic system for promoting rural tourism

NICOLETA BUZILÃ - Marketing research in distribution of agroalimentary products in Timisoara city

NICOLETA BUZILÃ, SIMONA CRISTINA COSTEA, R. S. GORDEAN - Ecologic products, an alternative to conventional products

SIMONA CRISTINA COSTEA - The evolution of ownership and exploitation structures in Romania

SIMONA CRISTINA COSTEA, NICOLETA BUZILÃ, R. GORDEAN - The organization of the romanian agricultural exploitations based on sustainable development

T. MATEOC, C. RUJESCU, CARMEN DUMITRESCU - Updating a problem of fodder intakes optimization in animals farms

ANDREEA POPESCU, I.POPESCU, LIA MICULA, CODRUÞA CHIª - The statistic analysis of three mathematical models reffering to the evolution of broilers corporal mass

I.POPESCU, ANDREEA POPESCU, LIA MICULA, CODRUÞA CHIª - Statistic analysis of multiple curvilinear regressions of three variables regarding the evolution of the average weekly gain

LIANA PATER - Optimizations of new product assimilation marketing – a mathematical model

LIANA PATER - The decisional process in agro-food marketing

RAMONA-MIHAELA URZICEANU - Research, technological development and innovation – opportunity for Romania

IOANA ANDA MILIN, I. FRUJA - The typology of the agricultural exploitations from Romania

IOANA ANDA MILIN - The agricultural exploitations in EU

TÍMEA KISS, Á. MALATINSZKY, ANITA NAGY, EDINA HERCZEG, K. PENKSZA, C. CENTERI - Comparative plant life examination on pastures of between Danube and Tisza (Hungary)

tímea kiss, anita nagy, Á. Malatinszky, Á. Balogh, K. PENKSZA - Habitat mapping and map presentation of characteristic habitats in the Körös-Maros national park, Kis-Sárrét territory

Z. HAJDU - Good agricultural practices and quality assurance

MÃDÃLINA BRUTU, CARMEN SECARÃ - Diagnosing the managerial resources in the agricultural organizations

MÃDÃLINA BRUTU, CARMEN SECARÃ - Elaborating strategies in agricultural  organizations

AMALIA PANDELICÃ, I. PANDELICÃ, M.C. NEGULESCU, OLIMPIA OANCEA - Multinational companies impact of tobacco cultivation in Romania

I. PANDELICÃ, AMALIA PANDELICÃ, M.C. NEGULESCU - The role and the importance of human resources management in the agriculture

EUGENIA ÞIGAN - The marketing of relation with the clients

EUGENIA ÞIGAN,Silvia Vald, Ioana Anda Milin - SWOT analysis of the rural area of the 5 West Region

VIORINA-MARIA JUDEU - The implications of using the comparative management models in the international (global) management

VIORINA-MARIA JUDEU, OANA PETRIªOR-MATEUÞ - The accommodation of management issues to the foreign areas

OANA PETRIªOR-MATEUÞ - Business and commerce


CRISTINA BIANCA POCOL - Characteristics and trends of the honey market in the context of Romania’s adhesion to the European Union

A. V.SIMU - The decisional process. information sources used by romanian farmers

GH. CRISAN - Management and challenges of the europenization

LIA IOANA CRIªAN, GH. CRIªAN - Advantages and disadvantages of adopting a multilevel governance approach in understanding the role of the regions

GHEORGHINA BÎRLÃDEANU - Strategy-identity-communication image and politics

GHEORGHINA BÎRLÃDEANU - The adaptation of organizational culture and educational management to environment changes

DIANA-ELENA BRÎNZÃ , VICTORIA-MIHAELA BRÎNZEA - The role of reducing the production costs

ALINA HAGIU - The cereal market in the European Union and Romania’s competitiveness in this sector

ALINA HAGIU, CRISTINA BÂLDAN - The international competitiveness of the romanian agrifood sector

Elena Peþ, Corina Ruºeþ, Ramona Ciolac, AURORA VENIG - Advertising - an important component of the promotional communication

Elena Peþ, Corina Ruºeþ, Tabita Adamov, MONICA BÂJA - Marketing researches regarding coffee consumption on the market in Timisoara

N. DRAGOMIR, ELENA PET, I. PET, CARMEN DRAGOMIR - Profitability degree of forage cultivation under “Cover Crops” system, with spring planting

S. PRADA, R. NAGHI - The processing of a retailer’s variety – reference selection

S. HAMUREAC - Reflections on the evolution of ecological marketing in romanian agriculture

DANIELA MIHAI - The role of emotional intelligence in surpassing psychological obstacles of communication

DANIELA MIHAI - Persuasion versus manipulation within marketing communication

Andreea Mihaela Rãdac - Aspects concerning the consumers’ protection in the West Region

Andreea Mihaela rãdac, COSMINA SIMONA TOADER - Healthy food consumption models

DIANA MARIN, L. SÂMBOTIN, RAMONA CIOLAC - Appreciation of swine carcass from europ sistem

DIANA MARIN, L. SÂMBOTIN, RAMONA CIOLAC - Marketing of products obtein in swine breadings farms

A. ANCA - Agro-Tourism marketing. Case study, Fãget area in Timis county

A. ANCA, CAMELIA LIDIA CIOBAN - Marketing of durable development in the context of european integration

A. ANCA, CAMELIA LIDIA CIOBAN - Priorities in the management of multifunctional agriculture

CAMELIA CIOBAN, ANDA MILIN, MIHAELA ZOMBORI - Research concerning agro-alimentary consumption in the Timis county

MIHAELA IOANA IACOB - Managing customer care

M. LUNGU,  M.R. LUNGU - On the politics of relating labour productivity and agriculturists’ incomes

M. LUNGU M.R. LUNGU - Prognosis of mechanisation of works in agricultural enterprises

M. LUNGU , M.R. LUNGU, G.A.FIRU-NEGOESCU - Analysis of failure risk in economic organisations

Daniela Simtion, Roxana Luca - Managing quality costs

Daniela  Simtion,  Roxana Luca - Factors ensuring quality management

B. SCHOLTZ - The impact of the Satu-Mare agricultural consulting on the efficiency of the progresist farmer, s activity

B. SCHOLTZ - Some considerations about the situation of the agricultural consultancy in Romania

Z. DOMBORÓCZKY, G. BUDAHÁZY, ANDREA MIKLÓSNÉ ZAKAR - Institutional and personal constraints of planning the marketing of hungarian settlements

MATILD SZABÓ - Marketing activities of Kalocsa

R. GHERMAN, S. CHIª - Aspects concerning the evolution of the cultivated areas in Arad county

LIGIA PREDA - e-businesses and cereals’s e-market using e-commerce in internet

LIGIA PREDA, L. SÂMBOTIN, A. BÃNEª, IOANA-DELIA MOISESCU - Informatics systems to conduct and management of the agricultural farms

COSMINA-SIMONA TOADER, I. BRAD, ANDREEA-MIHAELA RÃDAC, CORINA RUªEÞ - Some aspects regarding leadership and management of agricultural exploitations

N. SIMA - Grasslands and agro-environmental payments, means and opportunities for preservation of biodiversity and traditional landscape

N. SIMA - Measurements and financial support regarding the sustainable usage of pastures


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