Faculty of Agricultural Management structures the education process in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and organizes studies of:
  • License with a 4-year period;
  • Master with a 2-year period;
  • Doctoral studies lasting three years.

Faculty of Agricultural Management has three specializations:

  • Economic Engineering in Agriculture (EEA)
  • Engineering and Management in Public Food and Agrotourism (EMPFA)
  • Engineering and Management in Tourism Industry (EMTI)

Mission - training of specialists in areas of expertise and contribution made ​​by specific research activities and consultancy/academic extension on:

  • create the necessary economic frame for emergence and development of private farm-family, commercial type;
  • reconsidering the role of cooperatives in agriculture;
  • design, implementation and strengthening of viable and profitable structures upstream and downstream of agriculture, in terms of optimal inter functionality;
  • ensuring compatibility of Romania's agricultural legislation with the EU legislation, particularly in the production and quality of food products;
  • stimulating economic development and improvement of social structure in rural areas;
  • higher recovery of resources by developing rural guesthouses;
  • development of networks for rural locations and tourist activity;
  • development of tourism in all its forms, to exploit valuable natural and human potential.

Directions to prepare graduates:

Cognitive and functional skills that students acquire in the subjects covered in the curriculum of the Faculty of Agricultural Management are:

  • acquisition principles and mechanisms of the following areas: political economy, tourist facilities, computer, general management, gastronomy and oenology, financial management, consumer protection, tourism bases, tourism and hotel management, cultural tourism, tourist services, agro tourist economy, food products economy, public food, hunting economy;
  • acquiring notions and specific concepts in complementary areas: law, rural administration, community projects, social and cultural impact of tourism;
  • communication skills training in a professional context: managerial communication, negotiation in agro tourism, negotiation techniques, public relations;
  • learning strategies in the fields of: agro farm management, tourism marketing, services marketing, rural development, strategic management, human resources management;
  • application of acquired knowledge in organizations is made the training in practice stage: economic projects in agro tourism, case studies, project management, technology and commercial transactions.

Faculty of Agricultural Management operates with the following Master specializations:

  • Agribusiness management
  • Agribusiness
  • Sustainable rural development management

Doctoral studies lasting three years are organized in areas Agriculture and Zootechnics.

Faculty of Agricultural Management has an amphitheater, 4 classrooms and 19 seminar rooms. All rooms are equipped with Internet connection; over 100 computers are available to students. All classrooms and most seminar rooms have audio-visual with media system to support the classes.

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