Bachelor is a form of long-term studies, frequency, with a period of four years in school specializations: Horticulture, Genetic engineering in agriculture, Landscape science and Forestry. Horticulture specialization offers distance learning (DL). Following completion of these studies are to be certified to "engineer", with one of the specialties mentioned.

In academic year 2014 - 2015, Faculty of Horticulture and Forestry offers its students in undergraduate, following specializations:

- Horticulture;

- Genetic engineering in agriculture;

- Landscaping;

- Forestry.

Duration for all specialties, is aligned with the Bologna Decision.


Directions for preparing the students

Studying any of the specializations offered by our faculty, graduates acquire a common set of general competence and professional skill set, the corresponding field.

General competencies

- ability to study;

- basic computer operating skills;

- ability to work in team;

- ability to communicate in a foreign language of international communication.


Professional competences - Horticulture

- theoretical and practical training in the field of specialization and related areas;

- ability to translate into practice the knowledge acquired;

- horticultural research ability.


Professional competences - Landscaping

- theoretical and practical competence appropriate field of specialization;

- ability to use specific landscape design software;

- ability to perform work in green spaces;

- ability to perform various maintenance works of green spaces.


Professional competence - Forestry

- ability to apply knowledge acquired through study in practice;

- ability to use specific programs for forestry;

- ability to use specific equipment forestry sector;

- ability to develop projects (forest planning, correction torrents, care work stands and silvicultural treatments, reforestation, forest ameliorations etc.)

- forestry research skills;

- ability to teach specialized subjects in undergraduate education and university




- manager in the horticulture production and marketing of seeds and planting material;

- researcher in biology, genetics and improvement, biotechnology;

- professor of biology and agriculture / horticulture;

- units catering manager.



- manager in the horticulture;

- manager of a company designing, installing and maintenance of green spaces;

- employee of the Department of Planning of the City Hall;

- researcher;

-specialist teacher.


Genetic engineering

- biotechnology;

- research in biotechnology, biology, genetics and improvement;

- professor of biology and agriculture / horticulture;

- manager in the production and marketing of seeds and planting material from crops.



- forestry engineer in units with attributions in culture and forest exploitation, industrialization and primary wood turning, both units of State and the private sector;

- designer in forest planning;

- design engineer and maintenance of forest roads and buildings;

- engineer in the administration and management of the hunting;

- engineer in the administration and management of protected areas;

- engineer Fisheries Resources in the mountain waters;

- researcher in the field of forestry;

- specialist teacher.



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