Doctoral studies

Doctoral Cycle research is conducted through day form of education, with frequency, lasting for three years and extramural education form. After the public sustain of the thesis, it is obtained the diploma and the academic title "Doctor in Agronomy" or "Doctor in Zootechnics ", according to the following field.

The Faculty of Agricultural Management frame operates a number of 7 PhD coordinators.


- Academician Prof. Paun Ion Otiman, Dr.h.c.

- Prof. Ioan Fruja

- Prof. Liviu Sambotin

- Prof. Nicoleta Mateoc-Sirb

- Prof. Ioan Csosz



- Prof. Ioan Petroman

- Prof. Cornelia Petroman


PhD Duration: 3 years

Forms of education:

  - Frequency, without scholarship

  - Part-time, with extra charge

Number of PhD students:

  - Frequency - 9 PhD

  - Part-time - 136 PhD

Additional information about organization of the doctoral cycle studies can be accessed on the "Forms of education" on the University website.

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