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2008, Seria I, vol. X(1)

FULL TEXT Volume X (1)


P.I. OTIMAN - Sustainable development strategy of agriculture and rural area in Romania XXI

A. DAVIDOVICI, I. DAVIDOVICI - Constraints and opportunities in the multifunctional development of the romanian rural area

MIRELA RUSALI, CAMELIA GAVRILESCU - Romanian agricultural products’ competitive advantages and disadvantages in the external commercial relations

CRINA TURTOI - Farm management indicators for assessment, monitoring and improvement agricultural practices

CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, D. GAVRILESCU - The romanian agriculture after the first year of European Union membership

MONICA TUDOR - Rural social structures, regional evolutions

CAMELIA TOMA, CRINA TURTOI, CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, VERGINA BUIANU - Estimating the farm sustainability – a diagnosis method based upon indicator

VIORICA GAVRILÃ - Sustainable development in viticulture

VERGINA  BUIANU, CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, LIVIA NICOLE ATUDOSIEI, CAMELIA TOMA, CRINA TURTOI - Conditions  of effective  U.E.   integration  of romanian agriculture  and  farmer

CORNELIA ALBOIU - Agricultural structures and crops profitability in the south east of Romania

VIOLETA FLORIAN - Empirical models for endogeneous rural development

IULIANA IONEL - Farms capacity to cover the rehabilitations cost of irrigation system – case study

M. CHITEA - Demographic evolution of rural areas by regions

LORENA CHITEA - Women’s situation in romanian rural communities in the perspective of sustainable development

D. M. VOICILAS - The perspectives of the rural development under the influence of the european structural funds

CECILIA ALEXANDRI - Regional disparities of Romania’s agriculture

MARIANA GRODEA - Quota system  impact upon  the milk and dairy sector in Romania

NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB, MONICA BÂJA, T. MATEOC - Study on poverty and its effects on rural population

C. SÃLêAN - The multifunctional role of the romanian agriculture under the common agricultural policy and the improvement of the life standards in rural areas and the diversification of rural economy

C. SÃLêAN - Structural and complementary funds for a balanced development – The case of Romania

ANNA Èermáková - Development of unemployment in municipalities of the district of Prachatice

T.E. MAN, R. OLARIU-CASAUTEANU, CARMEN IOSIP, R. RECEANU - The role of rural infrastructures in sustainable development evolution

CARMEN DORINA IOSIP, T.E. MAN, NICOLETA MATEOC-SIRB, T. MATEOC - European funds for rural development

Cs. Centeri, M.Vona,  K. Penksza,  V. Vona - Economical evaluation of soil and nutrient loss on arable land compared with other land use forms

Cs. Centeri, V. Tóth - Agriculture versus nature conservation, Ócsa, Hungary

M. Vona, J. kovács, Cs. Centeri - Comparison of nature conservation values on agricultural areas used with different intensity. A case study with Merops apiaster

M. Vona, Cs. Centeri - Possibilities of agriculture in the future in the Sárvíz Valley (Hungary) with special respect on pedologycal resources in economical aspects

T. Streifeneder, F. V. Ruffini, C. Hoffmann - The agro-structural change in the Alps - regional development pattern and status quo

J. BLAHÓ - The problems of competitiveness in Orosháza subregion

V. ZEKIÆ, V. VUKOJA - Economic valorisation of the cereals’ straw value

Jana Friebelová , L. Friebel - Problems in evaluation of efficiency with data envelopment analysis model

R. PEJANOVIÆ, D. MILIÆ, N. TICA, N.ANDRIÆ - Significance of the investments in agriculture economy development  of Republic of  Serbia

LUIELA MAGDALENA CSORBA, OANA BRÎNZAN, EUGENIA TIGAN - Sustainable strategy for a contemporary economic development

LUIELA MAGDALENA CSORBA, OANA BRÎNZAN - Waste management - an important component for a sustainable development

DIANA CLAUDIA  SALA  - Entrepreneurship and  rural space development

T. C. AVRÃMESCU, MÃDÃLINA NEACªU - Local public administration mission for rural tourism development

T. C. AVRÃMESCU, EMILIA UNGUREANU - Social aspects of common agricultural policy (case study: Romania)

D. BODESCU, G. ªTEFAN, G. UNGUREANU, E. BOGHIÞA - The melliferous potential of Romania

R. HÃLBAC-COTOARÃ, CRISTINA ZAMFIR - A comparative analysis between Romania’s strategy for drought phenomenon effects mitigation and similarly measures applied at european level

R. HÃLBAC-COTOARÃ, CRISTINA ZAMFIR - The potential of rural infrastructure development in Timiº county

GEORGETA GRIGORE - Rural tourism - essential support for rural sustainable development

GEORGETA GRIGORE - Sustainable management of solis in the Arges county

G. GRIGORE - The management of agricultural products chains

G. GRIGORE, GEORGETA GRIGORE - Rural sustainable development

CRISTINA  BÂLDAN, ALINA  HAGIU - Concerns regarding rural economy and the quality of life in Romania

GABRIELA BOLOGA - The role of analysis and assessment in the apreciation of the quality of territorial development

J. PAPP - Regional features of labour supply and demand in the small region of Orosháza

ERZSÉBET CSENGERI - Corelations of social and economic functions in rural communities

BRIGITTA ZSÓTÉR - Mezõhegyes between the two wars – introduction to the history of Mezõhegyes with the tetrahedron-model

OANA BRINZAN, LUIELA MAGDALENA CSORBA - The impact of environmental taxes upon contemporary entreprises price policy

MARINA LUMINIÞA SÂRBOVAN - Post-accession aspects  of the development consolidation in Romania

MARINA LUMINIÞA SÂRBOVAN - Increasing competency in the cross-border area

IMOLA DRIGÃ, DORINA NIÞÃ - Considerations regarding the reform of the common agricultural policy of the EU

IMOLA DRIGÃ, DORINA NIÞÃ - New financial perspectives for agriculture development in Romania

I. M. JITEA - Solving the autoselection problem in mathematical programming models that simulate the impact of agricultural politics at the farm level

CLAUDIA SÎRBULESCU, LUMINIÞA PÎRVULESCU, MONICA OCNEAN, ELENA TONEA - On the economic sector structure of the western region

N. VERINDEANU - Durable rural development in “Valea Almãjului”, concepts and ideas

MARIA ANDREI, RAMONA DANIELA TIUZBAIAN, I. ANDREI, I. N. TIUZBAIAN - Soil pollution - a decisive factor of the durable development of the rural areas of the district of Hunedoara

RAMONA DANIELA TIUZBAIAN, MARIA ANDREI, I. ANDREI, I. N. TIUZBAIAN - Air pollution - a determining factor of the durable development of the rural areas of the district of Hunedoara

I. ANDREI, I.N. TIUZBAIAN, RAMONA DANIELA TIUZBAIAN, MARIA ANDREI - The influence of water pollution upon the durable development of the rural areas of the district of Hunedoara

I. N. TIUZBAIAN, RAMONA DANIELA TIUZBAIAN, I. ANDREI, MARIA ANDREI - Implementation of plans within the management of land use and betterment

MÃDÃLINA NICOLETA NEACªU, C. T. AVRÃMESCU - The analysis of employement in the agricultural area

NICOLETA  ISAC, ELIZA  ANTONIU - Comparative analysis of the rural development perspectives in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland

NICOLETA ISAC,  ELIZA  ANTONIU - The occupied population in agricultural areas: evolution and perspectives

CAMELIA MÃNESCU,  NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB, ANA MARIANA DINCU, N. VÃRAN, C. MATIAª, MONICA BÂJA - An analysis of romanian agricultural exploitations

OANA MARIA MURG - Local development project for the Jimbolia area

OANA MARIA MURG, P.I. OTIMAN, C. RUJESCU ALEXANDRA-MIHAELA URBAN - The evolution of the average production of the main crops in the Jimbolia area

C.G. MATIAª, NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB, CAMELIA MÃNESCU, N. VÃRAN - The common agricultural policy and the evolution of agricultural exploitations

IOANA DELIA MOISESCU,LIGIA PREDA, A. G. FIRU-NEGOESCU - Programmes of calculation the need of milk and the need of water

IOANA DELIA MOISESCU - Writings about agriculture and the condition of the peasant and of the village in the Carpato-Danubiano-Pontic area

CARMEN DUMITRESCU - Evolution of average cereals production in Sânnicolau Mare area

M.R. LUNGU - Political aspects regarding agricultural collectivization in Romania

TABITA CORNELIA ADAMOV, T. IANCU, ELENA PEÞ - Milk quota – present and perspectives

TABITA CORNELIA, ADAMOV, T. IANCU, ANDREA NAGY - Aspects concerning the human resources of the romanian agriculture after 1989

ANA MARIANA DINCU - Studies regarding the rural development of Osica de Sus

ANA MARIANA DINCU, L. SÂMBOTIN, A. GÃVRUÞA, ALINA BIROVESCU, CAMELIA MÃNESCU, LIA MICULA - The rural tourism and agrotourism development perspectives

N. VERINDEANU, C. BERAR - Perspectives of agroturism in Banat’s mountains

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