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2009, Seria I, vol. XI(1)

FULL TEXT Volume XI (1)

P.I. OTIMAN - Rural development and agriculture: oportunities for mitigating the financial and economic crisis and resuming economic growth

I. DAVIDOVICI, A. SAVA DAVIDOVICI, MIHAELA KRUZSLICIKA - The romanian farmers' productivity and competitiveness

CAMELIA TOMA, CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, CRINA TURTOI - The IDEA method for the evaluation of the agro-ecological sustainability of agricultural holdings

VIORICA GAVRILÃ - Productive and economic behavior of agricultural holdings

VIORICA GAVRILÃ - Structural changes in Romania’s agriculture

MIRELA RUSALI - Assessements of Romanian farms’ economic profile, through sample survey on sustainable land usage

CECILIA ALEXANDRI, L. LUCA - Two scenarios for agriculture’s budget in 2009

R. PEJANOVIC, Z. NJEGOVAN, NATASA ANDRIC, MIRELA TOMAS - Development of agriculture as a condition of rural development in the Republic of Serbia

NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB, T. MATEOC, AURORA VENING, CAMELIA MÃNESCU - Incomes and goods & services consumption in romanian rural households

G. ªTEFAN, D. BODESCU, G. UNGUREANU - Economic efficiency of beekeeping to dimension classes

P. KONVALINA, J. ŠRÁMEK, Z. STEHNO, J. MOUDRÝ jr. - Efficiency of alternative wheat growing in organic farming

J. MOUDRÝ jr., J. ŠRÁMEK, P. KONVALINA, J. MOUDRÝ, D. KOPTA - Efficiency of production on arable land in organic and conventional farming

J. Šrámek, P. Konvalina, I. Zdrhová, J. Moudrý jr., J. Moudrý - Economic efficiency of the winter wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) and winter spelt (Triticum Spelta L.) growing in organic farming

ANDREA MIKLÓSNÉ ZAKAR, ELENA TONEA - EU regions facing old and new challenges

S.MIRJANIÆ, ®.VAŠKO, A. OSTOJIÆ, GORDANA ROKVIÆ, VESNA MRDALJ, LJILJANA DRINIÆ, ALEKSANDRA VUÈENOVIÆ - Population dynamics and structure in rural areas of the Republic Srpska

LUCIA NEGRUT, ANDRA MICULESCU - Sustainable rural development in Giroc commune, Timis district

NDOC FASLLIA, GALANTINA CANCO, ETLEVA VEIZAJ-DELIA, ENKELEJDA SALLAKU - The economical development as a mean factor for reduction of poverty

Brigitta Zsótér - Changes in commercial activities in Mezõhegyes (1989-2006)

Anna Èermáková, R. Biskup - Comparison of inertia of statistical methods for forecasting of unemployment under conditions of economic depression

GORDANA ROKVIÆ, VAŠKO ®ELJKO, ALEKSANDRA VUÈENOVIÆ - Regionalisation - a rural development policy

MATILD SZABÓ - Factors determining economic growth

ILDIKO HORVATH GALNE - Farm schools' role in the population's keeping labour force

ILDIKO HORVATH GALNE - The present of boondocks around Hodmezovasarhely and its future

GIZELLA VAJDA - Differentiated effects of the EU accesion to urban and rural settlements

Fidel GJURGJi, Arjan SHUMELI, Lumturi SENA, EnkeleJda SALLAKU, Agim KUMARAKU- Defining the optimal structure of production of a typical livestock farm in Albania

ANCA MONICA BRATA - Structural adjustments in Romanian agroalimentary economy to the EU rigours – opportunities and critical factors

ANCA MONICA BRATA - Costs and benefits as a result of Romania’s  accession to the EU

C. PAVELIUC – OLARIU - Sustaining durable rural development through good practice models

GABRIELA BOLOGA - The analysis and the evaluation of the development of a region. The tactics of regional innovation

GABRIELA BOLOGA - The particularities regarding the manifestation of the regional development in state members of European Union and in USA

VERGINA CHIRIÞESCU, CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, MIHAELA KRUZSLICIKA, CAMELIA  TOMA - Sustainable rural development based on development of non-agricultural activities

ANIKÓ DÁNOS - Regional disparities in women’s employment and improvement of chanses of finding a job in the European Union and Hungary

CAMELIA TOMA, CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, VERGINA CHIRIÞESCU - The evaluation of the agro-ecological sustainability of agricultural holdings  using IDEA method

R. HÃLBAC-COTOARÃ-ZAMFIR - Eururalis – a tool used for the study of EU27 rural areas future

R. HÃLBAC-COTOARÃ-ZAMFIR - Green infrastructure and sustainable rural development

MIRZA B. BAIG, FAISAL SULTAN AL-SUBAIEE, GARY S. STRAQUADINE- Role of agricultural extension in sustainable rural development in Pakistan

LAURA GOLOªIE, T.E. mAN, m. gOLOªIE - Sustainable rural development of  Rusca Montana  and Ruschita communities from Caras-Severin county

GH. Grigore, Mihaela Ioneci, Georgeta Grigore - Sustainable development in Romania

Mihaela  Ioneci - The need of a development strategy for the Romanian economy

Mihaela Ioneci - Direct foreing invesments and their impact on economic development

VIORINA – MARIA JUDEU, RAMONA – MIHAELA URZICEANU - The sustainable human development – a new vision on the new era

VIORINA – MARIA JUDEU - International experience in managing human rights: the degree of centralization and sustainability

RAMONA – MIHAELA URZICEANU, VIORINA – MARIA JUDEU - The reform in Romanian economy in the context of the human sustainable development

NATALIA MOCANU - Agrarian restructuring – achievements and perspectives

CAMELIA MÃDÃLINA ORAC - The interaction between the evolution of the economy and foreign trade in the transition and post-joining the European Union

CRISTINA BÂLDAN,MÃDÃLINA NEACªU - Introduction of common agricultural policy in Romania - general socio - economic context in rural area

SIMONA CRISTINA COSTEA - The structure of agricultural exploitations in Romania

SIMONA CRISTINA COSTEA, NICOLETA BUZILÃ - Pre and post adhesion Romanian agriculture

GEORGETA GRIGORE - Instruments for communicating socially responsible activities – the case of SMES

GEORGETA GRIGORE - Motivations for SMES’ social involvement in Romania

GEORGETA GRIGORE, GH. GRIGORE, MIHAELA IONECI - Firm-stakeholders corporate social responsibility relations

GEORGETA GRIGORE, CORINA GRIGORE - Methods of social involvement in the community the case of SMES

CARMEN DORINA IOSIP, T.E. MAN, RAMONA  RÃDUICÃ - Durable development and environment protection

CARMEN DORINA IOSIP, T.E. MAN, NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB - Modernization of rural infrastructure through the accession of structural funds

ALINA HAGIU - The role of price stability in ensuring national and international competitiveness of the Romanian agricultural products

ALINA HAGIU - The role of international cooperation in ensuring the growth of the agrifood sector

NICOLETA ISAC - Dimension of rural development

ELIZA ANTONIU, NICOLETA ISAC - Human resources – essential factor in sustainable economic development

I. MEZEI - Rurality along the Hungarian and Slovak border

MARINA LUMINIÞA SÂRBOVAN - Implementing the innovation pact in agriculture

MARINA LUMINIÞA SÂRBOVAN - Economic change in rural development

GABRIELA CORINA SLUSARIUC - Considerations regarding strategic plan of rural development

I. BANC, I. CSOSZ, TATIANA ANIªOARA BANC, DORINA CHIª, LOPITA ONOFREI - Juridical situation of agricultural and forest land within the context of rural development in Maramures county

DORINA CHIS, I. CSOSZ, I. BANC, LOPITA ONOFREI - Research on importance of public-private partnership implementation in rural montain space development from Maramures

DORINA CHIS, I. CSOSZ, I. BANC, LOPITA ONOFREI - Selection criterias taken into account in identification of target zones, proposed for implementation and formation PPP (leader type) in Maramures

LOPITA ONOFREI, I. CSOSZ, DORINA CHIS, I. BANC - He rural development network within the European Union

A. TUNDUC - The influence of digital economy upon the rural economy

Roxana Ghita – Plesa - Specific features related to the quality of material life of elderly persons living in the village „Dealu Babi” (in the Jiu Valley)

Mãdãlina Neacºu, Cristina Bâldan - Employment in rural areas in european union


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