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2009, Seria I, vol. XI(3)

FULL TEXT Volume XI (3)

MARCELA BENGESCU - Particular cases regarding the accounting and fiscality of income

I. BADII - The economic diagnosis of al sc agroindustriala Bucium SA Iasi

CORINA ªERBAN (BOICEANU),FRANCA STANCU - Improving the public accounting system a precondition for budget reform (I)

VICTORIA FIRESCU, MIHAELA ZAHARIA(CRIVAC) - Possibilities and limitations of the accounting policies in the reporting of financial reporting

O. GRINCU,NATALIA MOCANU - Management in public finance

O. GRINCU, NATALIA MOCANU - Tax structure and administration

MAGDALENA RADULESCU - The role of the foreign direct investments on the economic growth and exports - theoretical evidence

MAGDALENA RADULESCU - The role of the foreign investments in the romanian banking system restructuring

FRANCA STANCU - Modern and clasical theories in the international trade

FRANCA STANCU, CORINA ªERBAN - The principles of public procedure. The budgetary process in public institutions

L. CERNUªCA - Sensitizing the romanian accounting environment with the general accounting policies regarding provision evaluation and with the recognition criteria of assets and contingent liabilities

L. CERNUªCA - Methods, techniques and practice of creative accounting for depreciation

L. CERNUªCA, B. C. Gomoi - Increasing capital by debt conversion or by merger and absorption

OLGA-IOANA AMARIEI, D.D. AMARIEI - Estimation of the production optimal level in order to obtain a maximum profit

OLGA-IOANA AMARIEI, D.D. AMARIEI - Solutioning a production planning problem using the WINQSB software program

B. C. Gomoi - The self-financing - an important instrument for a company’s capital administration

B. C. Gomoi - Necessity, desirability and implications of increasing capital by new contributions or by incorporating reserve

VANINA ADORIANA BOGLEA - Romanian EU membership - fiscal issues

VANINA ADORIANA BOGLEA - Tendencies on the tax rate on corporate income and personal income in the European Union

LAVINIA DENISIA CUC, MIOARA FLORINA PANTEA - Computerization of agricultural accounting

LAVINIA DENISIA CUC - The prices of agricultural products- between costs and competitiveness

DANIELA HARANGUS, ALINA CLEP - Financing the wine and viticulture sector, priority in the strategy of the sustainable agriculture development

DANIELA HARANGUS, DANA-CODRUTA DUDA-DAIANU - The importance of agricultural credits in the global economy

DANIELA HARANGUS, RALUCA VOICA - An analysis of land prices in Romania and in the European Union

G. UNGUREANU,S. BREZULEANU,E. BOGHIÞÃ - The financial and economic analysis of an investition project with the occasion of its approval

G. UNGUREANU, S. BREZULEANU, R.A. MORARU - Aspects regarding the regional development through financing sources in agricultural farms

ANDREA FEHER, P.I. OTIMAN, V. GOªA, S. STANCIU - New financing perspectives of agriculture and rural development - implications for Romania

ANDREA FEHER - Common Agricultural Policy implementation in Timiº county

I.M. JITEA - Assessing the impact of credit contraints at the farm level using a simulative approach

LUMINIÞA IOANA MAZURU - Anti-money laundering - legal method

LUMINIÞA IOANA MAZURU - Aspects regarding international money laundering

LUMINIÞA IOANA MAZURU, VANINA ADORIANA BOGLEA - Taxation of natural persons in unitary members states of European Union

MIOARA FLORINA PANTEA, LAVINIA DENISIA CUC - Average efficiency in agriculture

M. I. PANTEA, D. BRÎNDESCU-OLARIU, DELIA GLIGOR - Selecting investment strategies using the model market value / book value of the enterprise

CODRUTA PAVEL, DIANA DUMITRESCU, ANDA IOSIF - Issues on appropriations of investments for co-funding PNDR and POP projects

ELENA DOINA LEPÃDAT - The right of private property over land

AGATHA POPESCU - Economic profitability – a selection criterium of financial management

AGATHA POPESCU - Analysis of financial liquidity of agricultural companies

I. PIRVUTOIU,AGATHA POPESCU - Analysis of net working capital - a basic tool in business financing

A. ROMAN - Counting aspects for the agricultural subventions treatment

DANIELA SIMTION, ROXANA LUCA - Strategy for economic efficiency growth of the environmental protection expenses in agriculture. Objectives and priorities

DANIELA SIMTION, ROXANA LUCA - Economic efficiency analysis of the environmental protection expenses in agriculture. Analysis models

AL®BETA SUHÁNYIOVÁ - Inflation in accounting

A. Kohány - Sectoral data protection and collecting of statistical data in the hungarian agricultural system

DIANA TÃGÃDUAN - Consideration about Theory of constraints (TOC)

DIANA TÃGÃDUAN - KANBAN system used to optimize inventory levels

CAMELIA-DANIELA HAÞEGAN, CARMEN-MIHAELA IMBRESCU, O. O. MEGAN - Accounting policies regarding subsidies in agriculture

CARMEN IMBRESCU, CAMELIA HAÞEGAN, O. MEGAN - Accounting implications of strategies for reorganizing the enterprises

F.L. ISAC, S. RUSU - Assessment of the quality of the touristic services by means of “walk-through” type audit

GABRIELA CORINA SLUSARIUC - Exerted control of financial guard within companies in agriculture

MARIOARA ILEA, ELENA COFAS - Research regarding the use of a modern diagnosis tool in the administration of the economical activity in animal sector

MARIOARA ILEA, ELENA COFAS - S.I.D.E.- Key instrument of modern management

NÃTÃLIÞA MIHAELA LESCONI FRUMUªANU, CLAUDIA ANDRIÞOI, A. PAULESCU - Vocational process of sustainable development theory in the international environmental law


A. MONEA, MIRELA MONEA, CODRUÞA DURA, B. RÃVAª - Some aspects regarding measurement and disclosure of environmental issues in the annual accounts and annual reports of companies

A. MONEA, D. COTLEÞ, MIRELA MONEA, B. COTLEÞ - Some aspects regarding consolidated accounts of entities in Eurpoean Union’s state

MARIA – CRINA KMEN - Ruling position abuse settlement - legal perspectives and economical consequences

P. E. KMEN - Level five leaders

CLAUDIA SÎRBULESCU, ELENA TONEA, MONICA OCNEAN - Account information - support for determination enterprise profitability

CLAUDIA SÎRBULESCU, LUMINITA PÎRVULESCU, LIANA ALDA, MARIANA CHIRILA, D. CHIRILÃ - Economic restructuring and employment labour forces

CARMEN – MARIANA MIHALACHE - Practical aspects concerning the solutions given by the local and central commissions of property land restitution to the requests for property retrocession from Iasi county

MIHALACHE CARMEN-DIACONU - Forms of criminal liability regarding public officials regulated by the Spanish criminal code

S. STANCIU, ANDREA FEHER, C. G. TABÃRÃ – AMÂNAR - Legislative perspectives of small and middle enterprises after Romania’s EU integration

S. STANCIU - Land fusion – a priority in the Romanian agrarian policy action

MONICA OCNEAN, CLAUDIA SÎRBULESCU - Changes of the Fiscal Code 2009 – stumbling block for trading companies

MONICA OCNEAN, CLAUDIA SÎRBULESCU - The bond issuing process


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