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2009, Seria I, vol. XI(4)

FULL TEXT Volume XI (4)

I. PETROMAN., S. JAFARABADI ASHTIANI, E. CAZAN, CORNELIA PETROMAN, V. LALA - Magical properties of certain plants in the cultural tradition of Banat

SNEJA®NA TOLIÆ, I. PETROMAN, CORNELIA PETROMAN, IOANA BÃLAN, DANIELA POPA - Literary tourism: Eugene Ionesco and the theater of the absurd

CORNELIA PETROMAN, I. PETROMAN, IOANA BÃLAN, I. TRIªCÃU, DIANA MARIN - Entertainment and recreational tourism in Timis country

CORNELIA PETROMAN, A. MATIUÞI, IOANA BÃLAN, S. PALADE, V. LALA - Territory arrangement methods for the practicing of hunting tourism

HOLLIFIELD S. – “Chaucerian renaissance: pericles encounters the two noble kinsmen” for “the whole world is become a hodge-podge: generic change in context

I. FRUJA, IOANA ANDA MILIN, IULIANA IOANA MERCE - The rural tourism in Romania (2001-2007)

J. GAL, ILDIKO HORVATH GALNE - The opportunities of the health tourism in town Gyula

J. GAL - ANTAL VEHA - A rural city's opportunities in the tourism (illustrated by Veszprem example)

C. RÉDEI - Motivations for participating in lifestyle sports

P.S. SHEHRAWAT - Agricultural tourism for sustainable rural development

DIANA E. DUMITRAS, ENIKO KOVACS - A value chain analysis of the Romanian rural tourism sector

F. ARION, IULIA MUREªAN - Rural tourism in the North West region of Romania on counties

GHE. GOJE, I. PAªCUÞÃ - Premises for the development of tourism in the Arieºeni area

DANIELA MIRELA MUREªAN, I. CRISTESCU - Considerations on product policy in tourism

ANDREEA IONICA, MIHAELA TODERAS, ANDRA PATRU - Possibilities of development of rural tourism - The Mining Museum in Roºia Montana

ANDREEA IONICA, MIHAELA TODERAS, ANDRA PATRU - The premises of realizing a Mining Museum in Roºia Montana

B. RÃVAª, CONSTANÞA IACOB - The need and utility of the information supplied by the ABC system for the tourism units

B. RÃVAª, A. MONEA - The definiton and determination of the cost drivers, basis elements in the ABC system implemented in a tourism unit

Ramona Vasilescu, SILVIA MEDINSCHI - Guest welcoming management in romanian rural tourism

Ramona Vasilescu, C. NEGRUÞ - Internet network integrated marketing of romanian rural tourism

A. MUNTEANU - Extranet business communities in agrotouristic exploitations

A. MUNTEANU - Internet commerce and online transactional in agrotouristic exploitations

R.S. GORDEAN, NICOLETA BUZILÃ, GIANINA DRAGOTÃ - Agrotourism - a viable alternative of county development

ANAMARIA MORNA - Rural tourism - a current economic phenomenon

VICTORIA POPA - The analysis of the chronological indicators evolution of the tourists in the rural tourist pensions in Alba county during 2000-2007

SMARANDA SIMONI - Attractive methods and techniques in teaching rural tourism

SMARANDA SIMONI - World cereal production brief

A. MATIUÞI, I. PETROMAN, EMILIA BÃLAN, M. BRÃTULESCU, IOANA BÃLAN - Costs, prices and tariffs in the administration of hunting

M. BRATULESCU, I. PETROMAN, DIANA MARIN, I.TRIªCÃU, - Possibilities of promoting Caras-Severin county middle ages ruins through tourism

I. CORBA - Particularities of the tourism demands and consume in Bihor county

D. BODESCU, G. ªTEFAN, E. BOGHIÞÃ, RAMONA POCHIªCANU - The tourist potential in the mountain area of Romania

P. E. Mergheº, N. VARAN - Study on the agritourism potential of Turnu Ruieni

S. RUSU, F. L ISAC - Place and integration of the rural tourism inside the local and national economy

RAMONA CIOLAC, I. CSOSZ, DIANA MARIN, SIMONA MARTIN - Defining features, which customizes agro turism as a form of development of rural areas

RAMONA CIOLAC, I. CSOSZ, ELENA PET, DIANA MARIN, CALINA MARINAU - Study on the activity of agroturism in agro farms from North-Eastern Romania

DIANA MARIN, CORNELIA PETROMAN, IOANA BÃLAN, C. BUZATU, RAMONA CIOLAC - A spiritual center of Romania - Bistrita Monastery - Valcea

OANA MARIA MURG - Infotur Jimbolia - cross-border cooperation in the development of tourism

OANA MARIA MURG, NICOLETA MATEOC- SIRB. P. I. OTIMAN, CAMELIA MANESCU, ANA MARIA DINCU, C. ILIE - The cross-border cooperation Romania - Serbia, case study

IOANA DELIA MOISESCU - The honey and the need of honey

IOANA DELIA MOISESCU - Romanian peasant traditional values

N. I. VARAN, P. MERGHES - Research on the mountain tourism potential of Anina (Caras-Severin county, Romania)

CALINA MARINAU, I. CSOSZ, SIMONA CRISTINA MARTIN, RAMONA CIOLAC - European experience in the field of health tourism. Overview of the countries of Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe

LUMINITA PIRVULESCU, MARIOARA PISAT, CORNELIA PETROMAN, STELUÞA RADU - Study on culinary customs and traditions in Banat’s plain

I. Parvulescu, Roxana Ghita-Plesa, Raluca Ridzi - Agrotouristic activities within the area of Baru commune (Hunedoara county) between real facts and expectations


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