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2010, Seria I, vol. XII(1)

FULL TEXT Volume XII (1)

NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB, I. I. TOMA, DIANA BLAGA, M. RAICOV, M. CHETRINESCU, ELENA PET - Rural development and the preservation of cultural heritage

NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB, T. MATEOC, GH. S. SÂRB, CAMELIA MANESCU, GH. C. TOTH - Study on the regional policy and on its impact on rural community development

I. DAVIDOVICI, A. SAVA DAVIDOVICI, MIHAELA KRUZSLICIKA - Market crisis in the contemporary romanian rural area

CECILIA ALEXANDRI, L. LUCA - Land tenure pattern in romanian agriculture

L. LUCA, CECILIA ALEXANDRI - Constraints and restrictions of land market in Romania

T.E. MAN, O. STANA - Actual stage and perspective of sustainable rural development of Periam, Timis county

T. E. MAN, GABRIELA GHERMAN, C. IENCI - Current issues and perspectives on sustainable rural development of Sasca Montana commune, in Caras-Severin county

C. SALASAN - Policy support for regional and rural development – current situation in western Romania

VIORICA GAVRILA, MIHAELA KRUZSLICIKA - The socio-economic role of the viticultural farm

VIORICA GAVRILA, MIHAELA KRUZSLICIKA - The domestic vegetable supply in a european context

ELVIRA LEKSINAJ, TAULANT NELA, R. KECO, MAKSIM MEÇO, BAHRI MUSABELLIU - Typical products and rural development: some considerations on the short supply chain in Albania

R. KECO, ELVIRA LEKSINAJ, GJERGJI PAPA, BAHRI MUSABELLIU, MAKSIM MEÇO - The cooperation in trans boundary regions- a way toward development and integration

BUDAHÁZY GYÖRGY - Decomposition of spatial time series, the ”white noise”

LAURA GOLOSIE, DAIANA BALIGA - Current biophitotechnology for elimination of pollutants from wastewater

LAURA GOLOSIE, DAIANA BALIGA - Tourist potential useful in sustainable development of Nadrag locality, Timis district

GABRIELA BOLOGA - Territorial competitiveness - form of existence of the quality of regional development

ILDIKO GALNE HORVATH - Farming outside of town Hodmezovasarhely as a possible form of living and working

ILDIKO GALNE HORVATH - Some social aspects of boondocks’ life in South-East Hungary in the 21st century

BRIGITTA ZSÓTÉR - The effect of migration on the education in Mezohegyes

CODRUTA GAVRILA, MARIA PALICICA - Research concerning valuable romanian rural traditions in adult education between the two world wars

CODRUTA GAVRILA, MARIA PALICICA - Preserving the rural cultural heritage: a few considerations

ALINA HAGIU, EMILIA CLIPICI - Study regarding regional disequilibria in Romania. Means of reduce these diseqilibriums

MIHAELA IONECI - Aspects of regional development in Romania

MIHAELA IONECI - Greece – negative example for the European Union states

VIORINA MARIA JUDEU, OANA PETRISOR MATEUT - The implementation of public policies - A vital and sustainable factor of the economic development

ANA POPA, LAURA GIURCA VASILESCU - Rural development sustainability against the financial crisis in Romania

DANIELA SIMTION, ROXANA LUCA - Sustainable development in agriculture: long and short term aspects

DANIELA SIMTION, ROXANA LUCA - Environmental protection and economic efficiency in agriculture: theoretical, methodological and operational aspects

SVETLANA MARIA VRGOVICI - Sustainable development in the flood affected countryside

MARIA LOREDANA TUTA - Aspects regarding the economic development – environment protection relation

MARIA LOREDANA TUTA - Considerations regarding the strategy of sustainable development in Romania

CRINA TURTOI, CAMELIA TOMA CAMELIA GAVRILESCU - Farm management - indicators for measuring sustainability

R. BODE, G.CANCO, R. KECO, B. MUÇA - Financial support, condition for regional development

NICOLETA STAICU, NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB - Agricultural development by implementing measures financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

NICOLETA STAICU, NICOLETA MATEOC-SÎRB - Project financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development - Measure 121 in West Region 5

CAMELIA TOMA, CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, CRINA TURTOI - The IDEA method for the evaluation of the socio-territorial sustainability of agricultural holdings

B. DIMITRIJEVIC, BRANKA BULATOVIC - Situation and possibilities for the production of hazelnut in Serbia

OANA MARIA MURG, T. MATEOC, C. RUJESCU, CAMELIA MANESCU, C. ILIE - The analysis of the dynamics of agricultural productivity depending on the interest of farmers for the main crops in the area Jimbolia

OANA MARIA MURG, C. ILIE - Rehabilitation of water treatment in the Jimbolia city, Timis county, Romania

MIRELA RUSALI - Risk and sustainability in rural economy –evaluations upon farms technical potential of production, structural profiles and management options

CAMELIA GAVRILESCU, CAMELIA TOMA, CRINA TURTOI - The romanian agrifood foreign trade – post-accession evolutions

K. KIS - The examination of factors hindering the technological development of the agricultural enterprises regarding the innovation in the South Great Plain region of Hungary

J. HORVATH - Some aspects to determine the innovation activity in agriculture in South Great Plain region in Hungary


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