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Admission aux études des citoyens des Etats Membres de l’Union européenne, de l’Espace économique européen ou de la Confédération Suisse



Admission to studies for EU Member States, EEA and Swiss Confederation citizens


In order to be admitted to our university, the EU Member States, EEA and Swiss Confederation citizens and their family members, holders of long-term/permanent residency permit in one of the aforementioned states will present to the university two application folders, one for the recognition of diplomas, which will be transmitted by us to the Ministry of National Education, and the application folder for the university, as following:



A. The application folder to our university will consist in the required documents, with their official copies and translations in Romanian:



B. The application folder for recognition of studies, to be transmitted by the university to the Ministry of National Education:



Required documents

1. Application form;

2. Proof of completion of secondary school (high school diploma/certificate) :

3. Proof of completion of all secondary school levels (transcript of high school years/certificate of each level):

4. Other documents:

5. Identification paper  - copy

6. Proof of payment for evaluation fee - 50 de lei - copy.


The fee can be paid at a Post Office, or via bank transfer in the bank account:

Beneficiary: Ministry of National Education
Tax Registration Number: 13729380
Bank:  Activity of Treasury and Public Accounting of Bucharest Municipality - ATCPMB
IBAN Code: RO86TREZ70020E330500XXXX


The payment can be made in Euro via bank transfer in the account below:

Beneficiary: Ministry of National Education
Tax Registration Number: 13729380
Bank:  Romanian Commercial Bank - BCR,  branch Sala Palatului
IBAN Code: RO35RNCB0080005630300077

The fee will be calculated according to the National Bank of Romania official exchange rate on the day of the payment.

Important: The IBAN number along with owner's and employer's name (if applicable) must be reffered to on the proof of payment!


Authentication of study documents

1. Diplomas from Moldova do not need any form of authentication. 
Diplomas issued before 2008 (and diplomas issued after 2008 which cannot be verified on line) shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from the Ministry of Education of Moldova which shall be submitted in original.
2. Hague Apostille is requested for diplomas from countries which are parties to the Hague Apostille , issued by the competent authorities in the issuing countries. Hague Apostille Convention is requested for diplomas from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus.
3. Diplomas issued in countries which are not parties to the Hague Apostille shall be authenticated or accompanied by an authentication certificate from by the competent authorities in the issuing countries;


List of countries for which the authentication of study documents is requested



Recognition of the studies graduated by EU citizens, required for admission in a Romanian higher education institution at the master / doctorate level



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Faculty of Engineering and Applied Technologies
Faculty of Agricultural Managenet
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
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