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Romanian communities                                                
Admiterea la studii a românilor de pretutindeni



Candidates from Republic of Moldova don’t have to present Affiliation declaration to the Romanian cultural identity



Admission to studies of candidates having Romanian origins

Candidates from all over the world having Romanians origins can register to our university with special rights:

according to the Methodology of schooling for Romanian diaspora in the public higher education in Romania, issued by the Ministry of National Education: http://www.edu.ro/romanii-de-pretutindeni

Study places without paying tuition fees for Romanian Diaspora members allocated to our university for:  


The folder for the admission application for the candidate with Romanian origin from abroad (without Romanian citizenship) shall contain the following documents:

a) Application form, according with the Annex nr. 2 (download from below);

b) Copy of the birth certificate, translated in Romanian or in an international language;

c) Passport copy, valid for at least 6 months from the beginning of the study programme where applies the candidate – copy of the first 3 pages

d) Marriage certificate translated in Romanian or in an international language (in the case of surname change);

e) Affidavit, on the base of the freely expressed will, to assume the Romanian cultural identity in accordance with the legislation in, according to Annex 3 (download from below);

f) High school diploma or equivalent: e.g. Diploma/Uverenje o polozenom maturskom ispitu / Diploma o stečenom srednem obrazovanju/ Diploma o Završenoj Srednjoj Školi, or certificate (for the graduated from the current year) for the passing the national exams for the high school - translated in Romanian or in an international language;

- Bachelor diploma or equivalent for the master candidates - translated in Romanian or in an international language;

g) Transcript of records (highschool transcripts for the candidates for bachelor level, academic transcripts for the candidates for master level) - translated in Romanian or in an international language;

h) Proof of Romanian language study emitted by an accredited institution from the country origin of the candidate (at leas four year of study in Romanian)/ Certificate of Language Proficiency in Romanian/Graduation of the Preparatory year for Romanian language;

i) medical certificate (translated or in an international language) that mentions the candidate is able from heath point of view for the professional domain chosen and is not suffering from contagious diseases or other illnesses incompatible with the future profession


Extract from The Methodology of schooling Romanians abroad in Romanian higher education, on study places without paying tuition fees, but with scholarship, respectively, without paying tuition fees, but without the scholarship (2017-2018)

Romanians all over the world may benefit, within higher education programs in Romania, from study programmes accredited and authorized to operate on a temporary basis, taught exclusively in Romanian. The Romanian state provides two types of places:

For further details and clarifications on the schooling programmes in Romanian state education, the Ministry of National Education provides the interested persons with the addresses: [email protected] (for citizens of the Republic of Moldova), respectively [email protected] (for Romanians from neighbouring countries and diaspora).
(1) The categories of Romanians Diaspora, according to the provisions of the Law no. 299/2007 regarding the support granted to Romanians Diaspora, republished, with the subsequent modifications and completions, include:

a) Persons who freely assume Romanian cultural identity, Romanians and those belonging to the Romanian linguistic and cultural branch outside the borders of Romania, irrespective of the ethnonym used:
armâni, armânji, aromâni, basarabeni, bucovineni, cutovlahi, daco-români, farseroti, herteni, istro-români, latini dunareni, macedoromâni, macedoromâni, maramureseni, megleniti, megleno-români, moldoveni, moldovlahi,

and all other lexical forms related to the above,

b) Emigrated Romanians, whether they have retained Romanian citizenship or not, their descendants, as well as Romanian citizens having permanent residence abroad.

 Details regarding the schooling of citizens having Romanians origins:

Note: According to the Law no. 299/2007 regarding the support granted to Romanian Diaspora, republished, with the subsequent modifications and completions, Art. 5 b), modified by the art. 1 of the Emergency Ordinance no. 85 from 22 November 2017, published on the Official Gazette no. 933 from 27 November 2017, the Romanian Diaspora members have the right to study the Romanian language in Romania, abroad and in their residence countries, at all levels and type of education. They have to right to study Romanian during their studies by following Romanian language classes, and, according to the METHODOLOGY of schooling for Romanian Diaspora in Romanian higher education, art. 3, they can enroll to a Romanian language preparatory year.  

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