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West University of Timisoara is one of the accredited universities in Romania to organize the Preparatory Year of Romanian Language. This language course is mandatory for students who wish to study in Romanian language and don’t have a langauge certificate in this sense. During the Preparatory Year students acquire the requisite knowledge of Romanian language as well and specific knowledge correlated with future training profile (anatomy, physics, chemistry, drawing technical etc.), if the curriculum is organized in Romanian.

If the candidate speaks Romanian language, but does not have a language certificate to prove this, he/she must obtain it following an exam. Only after the candidate passes this exam he/she will be accepted in the first year of study. Otherwise, the candidate will have to follow the Preparatory Year of Romanian language. Candidates with documents proving that they have followed at least 4 years of study in Romanian or undergraduate studies conducted in Romanian langauge, will not have to take the mentioned exames.


More details: https://ri.uvt.ro/anul-pregatitor-de-limba-romana_en/?lang=en

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