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1. Mission

The main mission of the programme MANAGEMENT OF SYSTEMATIC REGISTRATION IN THE CONTEXT OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT is to train specialists in the area of rural development on a national level.

The share of the rural population and of the area occupied by rural space, as well as the importance of rural life for a country, render the issue of rural development and planning a matter of national and international relevance.

The issue of rural development and planning is one of the most complex issues of the contemporary world because it essentially requires creating a balance between the need of preserving the economic, environmental, social and cultural rural space, on the one hand, and the modernizing trend of rural life on the other hand. At the same time, rural development and planning faces both the tendency of urban expansion, aggressive industrial development in rural areas, and the requirement of maintaining rural space to its current size as far as possible. Finally, while undertaking a modernizing tendency and becoming more European in scope, at the level of each country, the main objective of rural development and planning is maintaining and preserving the national character of rural space and culture. Where there has been serious (physical or socio-cultural) damage inflicted on a local, regional or national level (as in the case of former communist countries and in some super-industrialised areas in Western Europe) the solution of reconstruction or possibly restoration of these areas has been proposed with the aim of reinstating rural standards.

The specialization MANAGEMENT OF SYSTEMATIC REGISTRATION IN THE CONTEXT OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT provides a significant opportunity to apply the techniques and knowledge specific to the field for conducting research and projects in related fields, thus achieving an interdisciplinarity and correlation of study and research-development areas. In this regard, the mission of the specialisation is to enhance notions related to the understanding, research, improvement and development of rural areas, activities of vital importance for the country, both in terms of the size of rural space expressed by owned surface and of the population involved in productive activities, including social, cultural, housing, and tourism services.

Besides the facts mentioned above, the development of individual farms, organizing and planning the entire rural area, controlled water supply systems and waste water sewage systems, cadastral plot record keeping, all of these require the training of specialists in the field of rural development.

2. Objectives

The training objectives specific to the specialisation MANAGEMENT OF SYSTEMATIC REGISTRATION IN THE CONTEXT OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT are generated by the fulfilment and application of the following three objective categories:

Cognitive objectives:

Applied objectives:

Communication and relational objectives:

The mission of the specialisation comprises teaching, scientific and consulting aspects. The main concern is to provide professional training at a high scientific and technological level for future specialists who will activate in the field of rural development. In this regard, the curriculum and subject programme content pursue the enforcement of appropriate professional training which will enable graduates to work in public and private institutions in fields of competence, consulting services, education and research or as experts in the field. At the same time, the programme aims to engage students in scientific research activities related to the disciplines in their field of study, with a view to acquiring and developing skills related to research methodology.

3. Curriculum


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