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1. Mission

The necessity to found such a program arose not only because of the requests of profile university graduates in the Western part of the country, but also due to the requirements of companies operating with ground competences in the fields of agriculture and health.

The mission of the study program is, simultaneously, one of education and scientific research, with the puprpose to form specialists with the ability to modernize the plant protection sector, in the context of a modern and efficient agriculture.


2. Objectives

General objectives
  1. The acquriement by the students of the newest and most advanced knowledge in the field, of modern research techniques and their usage for the development of knowledge in the plant protection field, as well as for the solving of specific problems.
  2. The creation of independant research skills and the formation of abilities to lead groups and communicate in various contexts.
Specific objectives
  1. The establishment of a current vision regarding the scientific grounds of and progresses obtained in crop protection technologies, phytosanitary treatments and control and expertise methods
  2. The formation of professionals and researchers who shall possess the operative ability necessary for the development and evaluation of assessment programs of plant protection strategies by risk diagnosis and intervention through limitative treatments
  3. Analysis of current trends in the field of phytosanitary expertise, protection and European legislation
  4. Acquiring expertise necessary for the participation in national and international programs regarding invasive species control and monitoring, the elaboration of disease, crop pest and weed control strategies, the usage of satellite techniques in the assessment of climatic changes
  5. Acquiring ultra modern biotic population evaluation methods and techniques, by using prediction models, statistical methods and state-of-the-art GIS
  6. In depth study of the main characterisitics (composition, way to act, efficiency), of phytosanitary products (biopreparations, pesticides), commercialized by large profile companies in Romania and Europe
  7. Highlighgting aspects necessary for speciality counselling/aid; knowledge about determination methods at a macro-microscopic level; the formation of ability to formulate the most efficient strategies in the context of ecologic efficiency

The above mentioned objectives resulted from the operationalization of formation competencies and are thus structured.

3. Curriculum


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