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The mission and objectives of the Master’s program for "NUTRITION AND THE FORAGE"

        The program addresses the graduates of higher education in the field who are interested in applying for this field or form of specialization to deepen the knowledge in nutrition and animal feed in order to carry out specific activities at high professional levels as the national network of manufacturing such preparations feed companies and their international sales, specialized research institutions and higher education and to initiate and promote national and international research contracts in this area.
           The mission of this course consists of a complex nutrition specialization and animal feed, by continuing to higher degree training in furtherance of and acquisition of knowledge and specific techniques to promote progress in a very dynamic area with great economic implications that affect Romanian livestock development.
        Of the general objectives set out in the relevant disciplines that are included in the curriculum of the master program we quote:
-        - the quantifying factors that influence productivity and quality of forage and grassland
-        - emphasizing the relations between soil - plant - animal - environment in forage and                   grassland ecosystems
-        - the deepening of the awareness of digestive and metabolic functions in ruminants and            monogastric for better capitalization of nutrients from food
-        - the understanding of the use of nutritional supplements in different animal species and            categories
-        - the mathematical shaping of animal productive performance by the food factor
-        - the designing of a feed rations structure according to the species of fur animals, age, sex        and physiological status
-        - the implementation of knowledge of biochemistry and bioenergetics secretions to increase     operating efficiency of farm animals
-       - the quality control offeed and foodof animal origin.
At the end of the program, the graduate acquires skills in developing, promoting and implementing the technical progress in nutrition and forage base area, in research activities like farming practice in accordance with the labor market requirements.
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