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According to the curriculum, for the major Land Measurement and Cadaster, there are 240 practice hours established for the bachelor cycle, distributed as follows:

* 30 hours equals a week of practice

The topics of the Practice subject pertaining to the major Land Measurement and Cadaster are constantly revised and improved, so as to completely answer the specialization curriculum requirements and the students’ needs to acquire knowledge and practice in the specific field of land measurement and cadaster, adapted to the current legal requirements and the latest equipment in the field. Activities lead to acquiring experience necessary to the geodesic specialist. Thus, practice hours are correlated with field and speciality disciplines foreseen in the curriculum for each year of study, being coordinatined and guided by teachers responsible for the development of practice activities.

In the 2 nd year of study, students carry out topography and geodesic practice, with the following stages:

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3 rd year students attend a Practice for soil mapping and assessment, where they participate in sample collecting in the field, laboratory determination and interpretation of data regarding soil mapping and assessment. Also during this practice, they acquire skills regarding real estate property evaluationbased on eco-pedologic indices characteristic for the qualitative and value evaluation of land.

Cadastral practice is undertaken by 3 rd year students through activities in the main institutions and units in the field located in the western area of the country. These practices take place under practice conventions signed by our university–faculty and institutions or units acting in the field of topography-geodesy - cadaster. Students, during the practice, participate in study and documentation trips in the field, in the country, or even abroad, which include many interesting objectives achieved in the field of geodesy..

Main partners for the cadaster practice in public and private institutions, with whom the University has signed partnership agreements:

During the 4 th year practice, under the guidance of coordinating teachers, students carry out the practice for the elaboration of the diploma project according to the editing guide. This activity is based on studies, research, experiences and results obtained in the previous years, while attending scientific circles for the respective subjects.


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Teacher responsible for the practice at the M.T.C. major

Senior lecturor Phd eng. Bârliba Costel

Activities at „The day of the working place”

For the 4 th year, when finalising the studies, there is the opportunity to be employed in the field by one of the cadaster and topography companies functioning in the western part of Romania. For this purpose, a job fair for young graduates is organised annually.

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